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By - December 04, 2018, at 09:59 AM

1.  How to update to Windows 10 BIOS

Download the package:!cZ8E3BIA!ZYV-HnP373IAfjPAOyU-VuQg4QNUE1Si4K0HLRVKVgw

Extract the BIOS rar file to a USB stick. Copy the BIOS from the USB stick to the desktop on the tablet.

Make sure the tablet is connected to power and then double-click on the H2OFFT-W.exe file in the Win_Flash folder. It should install the updated BIOS and then restart to complete.

2.  How to create system restore u-disk

Here’s the link to our final image (including all fixes) :!sRFQ1D5A!zlZh3FBfx6FhMYwUHIiBf7zB5n9SHAzTUsK1LX6bixE

Once downloaded, you need to extract the zip file.

We need to create a UEFI USB stick with the steps below:

• From an elevated command prompt run Diskpart. In this example below I’m using a 16GB USB stick. When you run list disk you’re looking for the Disk number which matches your USB stick. It’s a good idea to remove any USB devices from the machine when you do this so it’s easier to identify the stick you need. You’re going to wipe the USB stick so be careful. • Once you have found the disk number next to the USB stick you need to change the command below to match – so if your USB stick is disk 2 – change the select command below to disk 2.

Now all you need to do is copy the extracted files to the root of the USB stick so it looks like this:

To install the image, make sure the tough tab is switched off. Press the up volume button and the power button at the same time and keep them held until you get this boot menu:

Click on Boot Manager. On the next screen click on the EFI USB device in the list. The tablet will boot from the USB stick and start to install the custom OS image onto the tablet.

3.  Scanner not working or Unknown USB device at Device Manager

Please follow the following steps:

Then turn the device back on and scan the following barcodes:

When you restore all factory defaults it's important to power off the device ( not restart ).

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