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NQuire300 / NQuire300 :
By - November 07, 2019, at 03:26 AM

1.  How to return to Android Desktop

Please refer to the User Manual Chapter 7 ADB Debug.

2.  How to transfer the format of config file between Nquire200 and Nquire300

The config file of Nquire200 is different from Nquire300's, the config file of Nquire200 is cit.conf, the config file of Nquire300 is cit.json. You can download the tool via below link, and the tool is easy to be used.

3.  How to add a background image in CIT

①Contact Newland FAE to get the latest version FW and reference the "Chapter 6 System Update" on user guide to update your Nquire300's Firmware
②Open the web config page and select "Messages" and check the "Picture" checkbox on then apply settings.


③Via USB or FTP ,upload an image named " welcom.gif" into " Nquire300/res/" path


※about upload image via FTP,you can reference the 46 page on user guide.
Known issue
Currently NQuire300_V1.00.013.EN is the latest FW .
On web config page although the "Picture" checkbox is defaultly checked on but you still need to click the "Apply settings" button to effective this configuration.

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