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MT70 / HowTo :
By William - February 10, 2017, at 02:57 AM

1.  Get keyboard layout mode by programming

Please invoke CreateFile to open "KBD1:" device and invoke DeviceIoControl to get the keyboard mode. Here under is the corresponding in / out parameters

Pass the macro KBD_IOCTL_GET_INPUT_MODE to dwIoControlCode parameter of DeviceIoControl. Here under is the macro definition.

#include <WinIoCtl.h>
#define KBDIO_BASE 0x800 


You will get the mode from lpOutBuffer of DeviceIoControl. The value should be one of these macros:

#define NORMAL_KEY_MODE   (0)

2.  How to update firmware / config from TF card

  • At first please generate an update config file DownloadCfg.ini. e.g.:





There could be 5 sections of the config file:

  1. SystemUpdate, please keep UserConfirm equals 0.
  2. OBM, Update equals 1 is to update OBM, equals 0 is not update OBM. Filename is the name of OBM updating file.
  3. Eboot, same as OBM
  4. WinCE, same as OBM
  5. Config, same as OBM
  • Copy config and all corresponding files to TF card root.
  • Holding light & power key, click reset button to reset it. Keep holding light and power key, press and hold scan key after you reset button clicked.
  • The updating will be started automatically, then you can release all button.

3.  How to change unit configuration

The config files could be downloaded the configuration files from

Update the config file to unit as above instruction.

4.  Copy backup files

The backup files is located in "Flash Disk\System".

Please note the folder is a hidden and protected system folder. The corresponding options should be rejected from View menu to show it.

5.  Export system running log for debugging

Please download log exporting application to MT70:

Run it after problem happened. The log will be available even unit cold reboot.

6.  Hard reset

Hold on power key then press reset button, keep the power key holding until you see the Windows CE loading.

7.  Suppress asterisk (*) before and after barcode data

7.1  open systemsetting on MT70

7.2  open barcode config

7.3  click CODE39, Detail on barcode item

7.4  turn off check box of transmit both '*'

7.5  save and close

8.  Create Bluetooth connection with other device

make sure the target Bluetooth device working in Bluetooth SPP mode which is unpaired with others and in visible state.

8.1  switch on Bluetooth from WirelessManage

8.2  find the target BT device detected by BT Manager, (example: "BS80+CDBF" ) and click Next

8.3  get the Serial detected and Connect

8.4  pop up window saying connect successfully on COM9

8.5  set up and connect MT70 Bluetooth Comport as COM9 with the config tool installed on MT70 by user

8.6  finish and get data from Bluetooth device

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