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MT65 / UpdateFirmware :
By - March 28, 2017, at 09:09 AM

1.  How to upgrade firmware

  1. Copy the firmware file which is a zip file (dont unzip it) to TF (micro sd) card
  2. In MT65, Settings-->About phone-->System Update-->Local Update
  3. To choose the firmware file and start upgrading
  4. System will automatically reboot and go into upgrading window. Wait until you see "Installation finish", press power key to reboot.
  5. If necessary, go to Settings --> Backup & reset --> Factory data reset to reset factory default.

2.  How to change keyboard layout

Settings -> Language & input -> press the button right on "Android Keyboard (AOSP)" -> Input language.

3.  How to connect Android device to PC with USB cable

  1. connect MT65 and PC with USB cable
  2. Settings -> Storage -> Menu Button -> USB computer connection
  3. for more details, please check
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