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MT65 / FAQ : MT65
By - November 23, 2018, at 02:48 AM

1.  How to enter into the programming mode

1. To enable Developer Options, open the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom, and tap About phone or About tablet.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the About screen and find the Build number.
3. Tap the Build number field seven times to enable Developer Options.
4. When you’re done, you’ll see the message “You are now a developer!”. Congratulations.

2.  How to reset MT65?

2.1  From Software

1.Open the Settings screen,
2.Tap Backup&Reset and Factory data reset.

2.2  From Hardware(boot)

1.From power off, hold the VOLUME UP key, then press and hold the POWER button for about 5 seconds then release until you see the boot menu.
2.Use VOLUME DOWN key to scroll to “wipe data/factory reset” and tap the POWER button to select.
3.The device will reboot and go through the wipe process, then reboot again

3.  How to install MTP driver for MT65 on my PC? Device Manager

2.right click Unknown device and select Update Driver Software

3.browse my computer for driver software

4.pick from a list of device driver on computer Android Phone MTP USB Device for next step

7.finish and success

4.  How to set auto-rotate screen on MT65?

1. Settings

2. Display

3. Check auto-rotate screen

4. Done

5.  AdminTool

  • With Admin Tool, administrator can configure apps available to normal users. for more details, please refer to User Guide, Chapter 8 Admin Tool (
  • How if I forget Admin Tool password or the the answer of security question?
     you need to restore MT65 to factory default which will delete all user's data. and hold power on/off key to reboot MT65

2.meanwhile hold the button of VOL+ until enter screen of restart VOL- to select wipe data/factory reset and confirm with enter on MT65 keyboard VOL- to select yes - delete all user data and confirm with enter and confirm reboot system now after Data wipe complete

6.launch Admin Tool and set password after system reboot.

6.  How to lock MT65 WLAN working in 5GHz network

below setting only available on firmware version V1.00.021 or higher

6.1  setting

6.2  WiFi

6.3  manual key

6.4  advanced

6.5  select frequency band for WLAN

6.6  done

7.  How to caputre MTK log?

1.settings-about phone-click Kernel version for 3 times ENGINER in the pop-up windows, ( if not working, try to input *#*#3646633#*#* on the dial page)

3.get into MTKLOG page, slide and select Log and Debugging MTKLogger, clear all LOG data, then launch LOG capturing by click start key, press “home” key to quit to the setting page.

5.when LOG captured, enter MTKLogger and click “stop” key, connect MT65 to PC with data cable, check and get folder “MTKLOG” for our analyzation

8.  The back over of battery on MT65

If the back over of MT65 is not installed, MT65 can not be turned on, because there is an inductor on the back over.

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