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MT65 / AboutConfigurationCloneTool :
By - November 08, 2019, at 03:04 PM

About Configuration Clone Tool
The "Configuration Clone" tool can clone the settings of MT9051 and MT6551 as a QR code or backup file and you also can use it to restore these settings on another MT9051 or MT6551.
Please notice that currently the "Configuration Clone" tool is only available for MT9051 and MT6552.
Since the tool is still in improving so please contact Newland FAE to get the latest version FW to test this feature.

The following contents will show you how to use this tool.

How to backup settings or APK
①Check on the settings that you want to clone then click the “Backup” button.
For example here checked the “Scan Configuration”

②After you clicked “Backup” button there will be two choice items to let you select backup to a QR code or a file.

If you selected “backup to barcode” the following QR code screen will be display.
If you clicked “save bmp” button the QR code will be saved in the path of “/mnt/sdcard/backup” which you can use “File Manager” APP to check it

If you selected “backup to file” the file saved successfully notice screen will be display.
Same as backup to QR code , the file will be saved in the path of “/mnt/sdcard/backup”.

③If you want to clone a app you can click the “select” button which is orange color

In the “Backup APP” screen you can check on the apps which you want to clone and click the “Backup APP” button then
there will be a short time process loading screen when the process loading screen disappeared means the APP backup is finished.
For example here checked “StayLinked Client”.

④You can find the QR code image, backup file ,backup APK files in the path of “/mnt/sdcard/backup” which you can use “File Manager” APP to check it.

How to restore the backup settings or APK
Firstly copy the backup folder to the device which you want to restore the setting or APK

①If you use QR code to restore settings, you can just press the scan Triger and scan the QR code to start to restore.
Wait for a few seconds the restore will be finished and please reboot the device to effect the restore.

②If you use backup file to restore settings or APP, you can click the item button to start restore.

③When restore finished the following screen will be display and please reboot the device to effect the restore.


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