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HR32 / FAQ :
By - November 19, 2018, at 04:35 PM

How many barcodes could be saved in scanner?

HR32 cordless product include 4095 blocks and each block has 252 bytes.

If one barcode is more than 252 bytes, it will take two blocks in memory. If one block is occupied by one barcode, the unused space can't be used for saving other barcode.


To save 2 300 bytes barcodes. The memory will be occupied 4 blocks.

To save 2 200 bytes barcodes. The memory will be occupied 2 blocks.

Why there're 4 LEDs installed in my HR32 while only 2 of them work while scanning?

we provide two groups LED( red and white) for illumination during various code scanning scenario:

Red Light(default) : for application in common ambient illumination environment

White Light: turn on it when scanning barcodes printed on paper using non-black ink

Red Light + White Light: will improve scanning performance for those moving objects

scan the setting code in User Guide, chapter 3 System Settings, Illumination to control Red Light and White Light on/off state.

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