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By - April 30, 2019, at 08:48 AM

1.  How to capture picture by sending UCS (Unified Commands Set) command


TImage Type0T-real time image, 1T-decoded image, 2T-barcode area image
RImage Ratio0R-1:1, 1R-1:4, 2R-1:16
FImage Format0F-Raw data, 1F-BMP, 2F-JPEG, 3F-TIFF
QJPEG Image Quality0Q-Low, 1Q-Middle, 2Q-High, 3Q-Highest

1.1  check configurable parameters range of current device




7E 01 30 30 30 30 40 49 4D 47 47 45 54 5E 3B 03




02 01 30 30 30 30 40 49 4D 47 47 45 54 30 54 30 2D 32 52 30 46 06 3B 03

0T means only "real time image" available for image type, 0-2R means all three image ratio are available, 0F means only "Raw Data" available for image format.

1.2  capture picture by sending command




7E 01 30 30 30 30 23 49 4D 47 47 45 54 30 54 30 52 30 46 3B 03

1.3  acquire picture data from device

data format:

ASCII: <STX><SOH>0000#IMGGET0T0R0F + 4 coordinates of barcode area endpoints,"xxxH" for row coordinate, "xxxW" for tandem coordinate, separated by | to each other endpoints, only available for CPU-based product. isn't supportted by FM30 + data length (8 bytes) + Image data + <ACK>;<ETX>

1.4  example



response: <STX><SOH>0000#IMGGET2T0R0F200W100H|480W100H|200W300H|480W300H00058200xxxxxxxxxxxx<ACK>;<ETX>

above, length of image data is 0x00058200, xxxxxxxxxxxx means image data, barcode area endpoints are (200W, 100H), (480W, 100H), (200W, 300H), (480W, 300H)

NOTE as it's descripted in 1.3, information of barcode area endpoints won't be contained in the response data from FM30 as it's not a CPU-based product.

1.5  check acquired picture

save binary file image data with .RAW format. you can open it on Adobe photoshop or any other program can view raw image.

NOTE to get proper image by software, please input the correct information of resolution. for FM30, it should be width:752 pixels, height: 480 pixels

2.  Why my FM3051/FM3056 can't be connected with EasySet?

it may because of old version FW on the device, please upgrade it to FW V1.00.095 or higher then try it again

download link for FW

upgrading tool

other hardware tool needed

serial com data cable (CBL-037R), power adapter R050150-618Z

3.  How to activate/stop FM3051/FM3056 by sending command manually ?

Activate please send:


1B 31

Stop please send:


1B 30

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