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ExposureSetting / ExposureSetting :
By - June 11, 2019, at 01:16 PM

1. Exposure setting instruction

SettingIllustrateImpact on image
Exposure timeExposure time, also known as shutter time, refers to the time the sensor receives the external light signal.Used to adjust the brightness of the image.Longer exposure time:Image brighter,Poor mobility.Shortened exposure time:The image darker,Enhance Mobility adaptability
GainBy means of amplification, the image of the sensor is processed to adjust the image brightnessHigher Gain:Image brighter,The image noisy higher.Lower Gain:Image darker,The image noisy lower
Image LuminaceIn the dimming process, the target parameter of manually set average brightness of the image will be used as the reference to adjust the brightness of the actual image.Adjust the overall brightness of the image according to parameter Settings.Higher image luminace, image brighter.

2. Setting example:

3. Setting affect motion tolerance example:

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