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EM1300 / FAQ :
By - November 27, 2018, at 08:36 AM

1.  Why I can not get first 0 from EAN13 code

If the first digit is 0, the code should follow UPC-A norm. The first "0" would be not transferred to host by default. It could be changed by programming codes.

2.  Why I scanned successfully but got only part of barcode?

To scan part of code is acceptable if barcode type is Code 39 or Interleave 2 of 5.

There are several ways to prevent it:

  1. To set scanning engine accept fixed length or particular range of length if the length of barcodes content could be expected.
  2. To enable checksum checking.
  3. To increase security level of scan engine. Please note it will make the decoding slower.

3.  May I send command without $$$$

No, but that is possible to send $$$$ with commands together. e.g.:


4.  I get asterisk before or after code 39

Please see manual "Transmit Start & Stop Character" under Code 39 section. Disable those characters will disable asterisk with code 39 barcode.

5.  Continue mode on chip engine and chip + MCU engine

  1. On chip engine, if it does not scan barcode for a while on Continue mode. The engine will stop scanning barcode. And if the engine change from other scan mode to continue mode, it can scan barcode directly.
  2. If the chip + MCU engine changes from other scan mode to continue mode, it need to be triggered then it can scan the barcodes.
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