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DataFormatting / HowToUseEasySetToDataFormatting :
By - February 21, 2020, at 08:21 AM

1.Open Easyset

           If haven't installed the Easyset, please download Easyset from:

2.Enter the device


4. Choose the Prefix/Suffix mode

5.Choose Data Format 0

6.Choose Symbology and Length

7. Edit the Dataformatting command

8. Edit the Data formatting command

9.choose the command you want to use.

Eg: Send the first 10 characters from the barcode above, followed by a carriage return.

Scan the barcode ,Output: 1234567890

For more command type,you can refer to the User Guide Chapter: Data Formatter: Formatter Command Type

Tips: You should always use the commands in the Send column at the end to transfer the data after the editing.

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