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Commands / HowToSetPrefixAmpSuffixForTheProductsThatSupprotUnifiedCommand-EasySet :
By - March 09, 2020, at 10:21 AM

1.Open Easyset

           If haven't installed the Easyset, please download Easyset from:


2.Enter the device

3.Custom Prefix Enable&Custom Suffix Enable “On”,KEY IN “CODE” hex in the box. Then “Save to Device”

4.You can set “Terminating Suffix Enable”& “Terminating Suffix Settings” to set terminating suffix character.

You can also generate configuration batch barcode by “Generate Bar Code” function

You can choose to output a pdf or a word configuration file.

The output configuration file(batch programming barcode) is as below:

IF you need use Data Formatter in EasySet to make some command configuration, you can refer to below tips:
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