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Commands / HowToMakeAndUseBatchCodeForTheProductsThatSupportUnifiedCommand :
By - February 25, 2020, at 10:43 AM

Method 1:

	1.Open Easyset
           If haven't installed the Easyset, please download Easyset from:


	2.Enter the device

	3.Set the configuration that you need
        IF you need use Data Formatter in EasySet to make some command configuration, you can refer to below tips:

	4.Generate Bar code as 1D or 2D
	5.Save as PDF of Word file

Method 2:

	1. Create a Batch Barcode:
           Batch barcodes can be produced in the format of PDF417, QR Code or Data Matrix.
           Example: Create a batch barcode for 
           lllumination Always On, 
           Sense Mode,
           Decode Session Timeout = 2s:
           a. Input the following commands:@ILLSCN2;SCNMOD2;ORTSET2000;	       
           b. Generate a PDF417 batch barcode 	
           PS: refer to the user guide about the specific command.
        2. To put a batch barcode into use, 
	   scan the barcodes in the right steps
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